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Is the friends and family sale a site wide sale?

Yes, the friends and family sale is a site-wide sale and all policies for site-wide sales apply to this sale.

I received a free item with my purchase, but I want to return the item(s). Do I need to send the free item back as well to get a full refund?

Yes, in order to be eligible for a full refund, you must return both the item you purchased and the free item that was included with it. When we offer promotions such as a free gift with purchase, the terms and conditions stipulate that both the purc

Why is my discount code not working in addition to the site wide sale?

Additional coupon codes are not valid during any ongoing site wide sales.

Why am I being charged for shipping? My cart total is $150

Our free shipping promotion does not apply to orders placed during our site-wide sales. Unless you are in the Luxury Tier of our Loyalty Program, your shipping is always free.

Do you offer price adjustments?

We do not provide price adjustments on orders placed before or after a sale. Rest assured, you are more than welcome to return any eligible items from your previous order(s) and repurchase them at our current sale price.